A Guide to Computational Storage on Arm

To be successful in this increasingly digital world, organizations need the infrastructure and technology to be capable of delivering and storing data and analytics in a fast, secure and efficient way.

Computational storage enables organizations to create customer value by maximizing the benefits of big data. It puts processing power directly on the storage device, giving companies quick and easy access to vital information.

This easy-to-read guide provides an introduction to computational storage and its benefits, walking through real-world examples of how it’s deployed today and what to consider when implementing it in your device.


Computational Storage on Arm

Read this guide to learn: 

  • What is computational storage and how it works
  • The benefits it brings to architects, developers and organizations
  • How to move from a traditional storage solution to a more intelligent device
  • Real-world examples from Arm’s partners
  • How Arm application-capable processors, including the newly released Cortex-R82 real-time processor, enable fast, simple and cost-effective implementation.