Cortex-A32 Processor

The ARM® Cortex®-A32 is the smallest, lowest-power ARMv8-A application processor. It is designed to bring efficiency and architectural improvements to next generation 32-bit rich embedded applications. The Cortex-A32 is the latest addition to the ultra high efficiency application processor family from ARM and brings the benefits of the ARMv8-A instruction set to a small, incredibly efficient 32-bit processor.

The Cortex-A32 is based on an 8-stage in-order pipeline that has been extensively optimized to implement the 32-bit instruction set of the ARMv8-A architecture profile in the smallest possible die area while significantly reducing dynamic power consumption compared to the current power efficiency leader, the Cortex-A7. The Cortex-A32 delivers 25% more efficiency (performance per mW) than the Cortex-A7 in the same process node. Cortex-A32 delivers this efficiency through a combination of both performance improvements and power reduction.

Key Benefits

  • ARMv8-A architectural enhancements, full backwards compatibility with ARMv7-A software
  • Higher efficiency and performance compared to Cortex-A7 processor
  • New idle power management features
  • Highly scalable 32-bit processor with new configuration options


The Cortex-A32 will drive innovation across diverse embedded markets including:

Home automation
Internet of Things
(IoT) - rich nodes
Single board
Cortex-A32 chip diagram
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Related IP

The Cortex-A32 processor can be incorporated into an SoC using a broad range of ARM technology including Graphics IP, System IP, and Physical IP. The Cortex-A32 is fully supported by ARM development tools. Related IP includes:

Graphic IP Other IP Tools


ARM training courses and Active Assist on-site system-design advisory services enable licensees to efficiently integrate the Cortex-A32 processor into their design to realize maximum system performance with lowest risk and fastest time-to-market.



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