CoreLink CCI-400キャッシュ コヒーレント インターコネクト

CoreLink CCI-400 Cache Coherent Interconnect  Image (View Larger CoreLink CCI-400 Cache Coherent Interconnect Image)

Massive growth in system integration places on-chip communication at the center of system performance. The ARM® CoreLink™ CCI-400 Cache Coherent Interconnect provides full cache coherency between two clusters of multi-core CPUs, such as the ARM Cortex®-A7, Cortex-A15, Cortex-A17, Cortex-A57 and Cortex-A53 processors enabling big.LITTLE™; and I/O coherency for devices such as the Mali™-T600 series GPU, and I/O masters like modem and USB. To date ARM has licensed the CCI-400 product to over 20 licensees including Samsung, LSI, Freescale, HiSilicon, STEricsson, Fujitsu, Mediatek and LG.

The CCI-400 implements the AMBA® 4 ACE™ and ACE-Lite™ protocols (PDF Download - Registration / Login Required)



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