LifeSignals is a leader in wearable medical biosensors with a customizable ecosystem for creating any clinical-grade, wearable biosensor solution. The LifeSignals Wearable Medical Biosensor is the latest innovation to overcome the limitations of traditional and wireless remote monitors. The single-use, medical-grade wearable biosensor, adheres discreetly to the chest. It allows patients to move freely while their SpO2, ECG, heart rate, respiratory rate, posture data is continually streamed to a secure cloud server for up to five days.

The interoperable biosensor can be integrated from gateway apps right through to the patient management IT software, enabling clients to bring their remote health monitoring systems swiftly to market.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, LifeSignals biosensors offer partners a remote symptom monitoring solution providing individuals, clinicians or health authorities with physiological trends and alerts, easing the burden on healthcare systems.

Featured Technology


LifeSignals wireless chipset and sensor platform for health, wellness, and critical IoT applications.


Resources for silicon development, manufacturing, and quality assurance.

Arm Technology
Arm Cortex-M0

Arm Cortex-M0 application processors for low power, with a separate processor for connectivity and applications.

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