Supporting Research Across The Community

We work closely with individuals, groups, and institutions worldwide, helping to drive research success across academia and industry. We collaborate on projects, provide access to tools, and support ecosystem development. Some of the ways in which we can offer support include:

Sponsorship of Specific Research Projects

Partnership in Funding Opportunities

Provision of IP, Tools, and Technical Support

Hosting academic Staff or PhD Student Interns

PhD Student Sponsorship

Driving Innovation in Nature and Tech-based Carbon Sequestration Solutions

Membership in Affiliate Programs or Consortia

Sparking Research and Academic Potential

Our Collaborations

Morello Program

A collaborative project seeking to radically update the security foundations of the digital computing infrastructure that underpins the entire economy.

Beyond Moore

Working as part of DARPA's Electronic Resurgence Initiative to enable heterogeneous systems that push compute further in the absence of traditional scaling.


A European consortium aiming to build a scalable, power-efficient HPC platform, based on low-power embedded technology.

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Talk with an Expert

Our dedicated team work with academics and institutions to facilitate new relationships and help existing ones to grow and develop.

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How Our Partners Can and Are Helping Arm Address Global Challenges

Discover how Arm is supporting the research community in multiple ways in this presentation from the Arm Research Summit 2020.

Teach, Learn and Collaborate with Arm

As well as IP, tools, and support, we provide teaching and learning resources through Arm Education, and work closely with academic and industry partners on Research Enablement.