Music that matches your mood

Anyone who has regretted downloading a sentimental love song when it popped up on a playlist during a fun night in with friends may welcome the new technology that helps people make smart music choices which suit their surroundings.

Prizm™ is a home audio device that uses information from the environment to determine the mood of an event before suggesting tunes to match it. As Pierre Gochgarian, Prizm's CEO explains: “We believe that the listening experience is deeply linked to the context. We do not want to listen to the same music when we are relaxing at home alone as we do when we have friends over, or when we are spending time with our partner.”

Prizm is a pyramid-shaped connected device that stands at just 3.4 inches tall. It plugs into a user’s existing speaker system and links to their music streaming service via Wi-Fi. Its inventors say it is designed to be a standalone product that learns from each interaction, with the addition of an accompanying application that enables easy set-up, meaning people can also use their smartphone as a remote control.

Featured Arm Technology

Prizm learns people’s preferences over time so recommendations can be personalized. It analyzes information such as the time of day, the day of the week and the level of noise in the room to adapt the music to suit the situation. It also uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy signals from smartphones and wearables to identify users in the room if they have installed the Prizm application and select tunes that everyone will like. These features are enabled by the STM32F0 series of SoC that is powered by an Arm® Cortex®-M0 processor.

The inventors of the device say they set out to build the music system of their dreams. They have at least taken a step in the right direction - Prizm was awarded the CES Innovation Award in the Smart Home category.



Arm Technology
Arm Cortex-M0