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Edge Impulse is the leading development platform for embedded machine learning, used by over 1,000 enterprises across 10,000 ML projects worldwide. We are on a mission to enable the ultimate development experience for machine learning on embedded devices for sensors, audio, and computer vision, at scale. From getting started in under five minutes to MLOps in production, we enable highly optimized ML deployable to a wide range of hardware from MCUs to CPUs. With Edge Impulse, developers, engineers, and domain experts solve real problems using machine learning in embedded solutions, speeding up development time from years to weeks. We specialize in industrial and professional applications including predictive maintenance, asset tracking, and monitoring, and human and animal sensing.

Solution Briefs

  • Edge Impulse EON Compiler
    Edge Impulse EON Compiler

    Find out more about Edge Impulse's Edge Optimised Neural (EON) Compiler and to kick your tinyML into overdrive!

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  • Advanced Grid Monitoring Solution, Powered by Edge Impulse Case Study
    Advanced Grid Monitoring Solution, Powered by Edge Impulse

    Edge Impulse, IRNAS and Arm developed and deployed embedded ML models to build the world’s most advanced grid monitoring system.

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