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The Arm ecosystem consists of a vast number of talented individuals building solutions in every imaginable domain. Our Innovators are key technical experts helping to extend Arm architecture and share their knowledge into a wide variety of exciting areas. Interested in becoming an Arm Innovator? Send us an email and we can discuss further.

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John Teel
President Predictable Designs

John is an electronics design engineer and the founder of Predictable Designs which helps develop and launch new electronic hardware products.
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Laura Kassovic
President & Co-founder MbientLab

Laura is the co-founder of MbientLab, a wireless sensing solution provider used for product development, research, location and people tracking, asset and cargo monitoring.
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Forrest Iandola
CEO & founder DeepScale

At DeepScale Forrest is focused on building perception and sensor fusion systems for autonomous vehicles, and has a number of engagements with automakers and automotive suppliers.

Amit Moran
VP of Innovation at tēmi

At tēmi, Amit is exploring novel experiences and technologies, while focused on open innovation to build the world’s first, truly intelligent, mobile, personal robot.
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Dr. Laurent Itti
Founder of JeVois

Dr. Itti, a computational neuroscientist, is the founder of JeVois, an open-source project to create smart programmable cameras that run machine vision and deep learning algorithms directly in the camera.
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Orlando Holiett
Founder of Calvary Engineering

Orlando is a PhD student at Purdue University and founder of Calvary Engineering where he develops tools for biomedical engineering education focusing on wearable/mobile health platforms.
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Renee Love
Open-source roboticist

Renee has brought many new products to market from open source hobby and educational robotics to highly scalable distributed seismic tools. She is currently involved with ROS (Robot Operating System) development.
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Founder of Azeria Labs

As an independent security researcher and founder of Azeria Labs, Azeria is focused on advancing Arm security and defense beyond its current constraints - pushing the boundaries of what is thought possible with Arm security.

Andrew Dresner
Open-source roboticist

Andrew’s projects have involved multi-legged walking robots, humanoids, and 3D vision systems. He currently has a focus on ROS (Robot Operating System), autonomous navigation systems, and energy technologies.

Honggang Li
Co-founder of Maker Collider

Honggang leads the development of the open-source software “SmartNode/AI” framework and designed the AI Design Kit, which helps makers and developers implement designs based on artificial intelligence.

Chris Gammell
Developer Relations at Hologram

Hologram is the world's largest cellular IoT network. The company focuses on connectivity and Chris enjoys bringing that connectivity to custom hardware projects, including many with Arm components at their core. Chris encourages open source toolchains and hardware.

Jinger Zeng
Business Development at Auterion

Jinger co-founded Dronesmith Technologies, a company that develops drone hardware and software for developers and corporates. She is currently working in the Dronecode ecosystem, supporting its adoption and community building in China.
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Rodolfo Saccoman
CEO & Co-founder of AdMobilize and MATRIX Labs

Rodolfo is a serial entrepreneur productizing complex technologies. AdMobilize is recognized as one of the most promising companies revolutionizing the convergence of artificial intelligence, hardware, and software.
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Kwabena W. Agyeman
President and Co-founder of OpenMV

Kwabena is a computer chip designer by trade who enjoys helping people solve computer vision problems in the real-world. Kwabena, along with Ibrahim Abdelkader, founded OpenMV to make building and deploying machine vision powered devices easier and fun.
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Ibrahim Abdelkader
Vice-President and Co-founder of OpenMV

Ibrahim is an embedded systems programmer. He created the OpenMV project back in 2013 while searching for a better serial camera. His goal was to make machine vision more accessible to beginners by developing an open-source, low-cost machine vision platform.
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David Tischler
CEO & Founder of miniNodes

For over a decade, David supported advanced users in the hosting and dedicated server industry. miniNodes exists to evangelize Arm servers, and prove that not every application requires big, expensive, power hungry servers.

Chelsea Klukas
Co-founder of MakeFashion

Chelsea is the co-founder of MakeFashion, a wearable technology startup that brings high tech and high fashion to the runway. She is passionate about building design culture in data-driven environments and driving processes to innovate at scale.
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Clarissa San Diego
Founder and CEO of Makerologist

Makerologist is a maker technology agency that bridges the gap between companies and communities through creative technology experiences. Clarissa leads a collective of makers, educators, designers, engineers and writers who have come together under a shared vision of creating a maker ecosystem.
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Will Roscoe
Lead Software Engineer at Ceres Imaging

Will is an engineer working to build efficient transit and agriculture systems. He co-founded the Donkey platform, an open source DIY self-driving vehicle platform that has been built by more than 1000 people on 6 continents.
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