VR for Everyone Everywhere

Meet the developers using Arm-based technology to bring mobile VR gaming to the masses.

Introducing Fast Travel Games

In 2018, the developers at Fast Travel Games proved themselves as heavyweights in the world of VR gaming with their award-winning PC and console offering, Apex Construct. The game transports players to a dystopian future where wit and skill are lifesaving weapons, and everything within reach is a tool for survival.


But, with the ultimate goal of making VR gaming available to everyone everywhere, remaining plugged wasn’t the answer enough. Their next move was to take this highly immersive, high-fidelity creation, and bring it to life on mobile VR.


That’s where Arm comes in.

Power Through Partnership

While, traditionally, power and processing required to run an entire virtual world like Apex Construct is huge, we’ve worked to optimize the CPU technology at the heart of standalone VR—not just with processing power and energy efficiency, but an entire ecosystem dedicated to the ambitious goals of all who use it.


We push the boundaries in our work, so that innovators across the spectrum have the freedom to think big, create without limits, and reach even further; and so the world is able to easily and effortlessly enjoy the virtual fruit of this new age of computing.

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