Making smart lighting simple

A San Francisco-based start-up believes it has found a way to help people take their first steps on to the smart property ladder. emberlight has designed a socket that turns ordinary lightbulbs into connected devices. Its creators say it makes automated lighting simple and accessible.

emberlight is an attachment that screws into an existing light fitting and can be used with any dimmable bulb. It connects directly to a home’s wireless network - there is no need for a hub - and it’s configured through a smartphone application. With this architecture, the product can be installed by anyone in less than a minute.

Featured Arm Technology

Since each device is modular, users can install a single socket or fit them throughout their home. The devices are enabled by a Marvell 88MC200 SoC based on the energy-efficient 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M3 processor. The processor was chosen as it delivers outstanding computational performance and exceptional system response to events while meeting the challenges of low dynamic and static power constraints.

The technology allows users to turn their lights on, off, or dim them from anywhere in the world; set the brightness to match their mood or schedule; or automate the lighting using IFTTT integration. The smartphone application can be used to control one light at a time or adjust several at once. It intelligently switches between local Bluetooth connectivity and remote WiFi/cloud access depending on the context, providing the best user experience.

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Arm Technology
Arm Cortex-M3