Offering a Consistent Developer Experience for PSA

IoT security testing and SoC security compliance is essential. The Arm Platform Security Architecture (PSA) APIs and testing kits can help as PSA partners can take their support to the next level by demonstrating the correct functioning of the PSA Root of Trust (RoT). For developers, the PSA APIs provide a consistent developer experience independent of  security hardware implementation. 


Why should I use PSA APIs?

Code Reuse

Enable interoperability of user applications written by developers across all devices

Easing Development

Ensure interoperability of secure functions (AROT services) written by security experts across all devices

Security at the Chip Level

Gain extra confidence in designs using TBSA requirements for chip makers

How do PSA APIs Work?

One of the PSA goals is to make IoT security easier and quicker for everyone. This means having reliable, consistent APIs and useful built-in security functions for device manufacturers and the developer community. These APIs will provide a consistent developer experience hiding the underlying complexity of the security system. In addition to the APIs, Arm is also developing open source implementations of API test kits, which help to cross-check functionality and ensure interoperability.


Three sets of APIs and test kits are being developed to help different audiences:

  • RTOS vendors and software developers: PSA Developer APIs (including Crypto Services, Attestation Services, and Secure Storage Services) 
  • Security experts: PSA Firmware Framework APIs for making custom secure functions
  • Chip vendors: TBSA APIs (while the TBSA-v8m architecture does not test against an API, it tests the chip hardware and its conformity with PSA TBSA specifications)
PSA Crypto APIPSA API Testing Kits
Enabling Faster, More Robust Implementation

The PSA APIs and API testing kits help to enable trusted implementation of the PSA specifications.

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