Orchestrate a prudent and compliant return to work with Pelion Space Analytics

As a facility or human resources manager, you face a range of complex decisions as you open your office space in the coming weeks and months. Returning employees and visitors need to be safe and feel safe. To this end, new guidelines and mechanisms must be put in place and enforced for both employees and maintenance staff. Also, compliance with these guidelines must be reported to the concerned authorities – for every site, every region, and at the corporate level.

The Pelion Space Analytics solution is uniquely positioned to help you tackle these challenges with data-driven confidence. Our proven solution for occupancy-based insights can be tailored to meet your specific return-to-work requirements such as physical distancing, building sanitization and contact tracing, in a reliable, accurate and information-secure manner.

Physical Distancing

To maintain a healthy work environment, it is important to establish policies around physical distancing and workplace etiquette. But how do you determine if the policies are effective and provide evidence of their effectiveness to your workforce to encourage returning to work?

The Pelion Space Analytics solution uses IoT sensors to accurately determine the location coordinates and movement for occupants in the office space and surfaces this information on intuitive dashboards. This helps employees manage their movement about the office or facility managers to identify and address health hazards like congestion points or physical distancing hotspots during different times of the day.

Building Sanitization

With the eventual return to work comes the increased demand to maintain a clean and hygienic work environment. To manage this demand effectively, facility management teams tend to rely on increasing the janitorial cleaning cycles. However, such measures may not necessarily address irregularities in traffic, particularly in common areas like elevators, break rooms or cafeterias, and moreover, can become onerous over time.

The Pelion Space Analytics solution quantifies space usage based on occupancy sensor data. Empowered with this information, facility managers can define and execute cleaning protocols that are based on actual space usage. This helps streamline cleaning activity and address any irregularities in space usage in an efficient and sustainable manner.

Contact Tracing

The demand for contact tracing at the workplace creates an unusual challenge for employers, particularly since apps relying on cellular technology are not very effective at accurately determining a device’s location coordinates indoors.

The Pelion Space Analytics solution relies on IoT sensor technology to accurately locate an employee (with the employee’s prior consent) in the office space and use the location information to determine when employees come in proximity with each other. With this data captured over time, HR managers have access to any consenting employees’ contact tracing lists to provide them to city officials or the employees themselves, if certain employees test positive for COVID-19.

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