The Foundation for a New IoT Economy

Arm has been at the center of the IoT revolution for decades and now with our partners we’re going to unleash the potential of the internet of things. Together, we can fuel an IoT economy that rivals the shape, speed, and size of the smartphone industry’s app economy. Achieving this will facilitate new ways to improve human productivity, drive economic growth, and create opportunities that solve some of the world’s toughest problems.

Designing with Systems in Mind

Learn about the benefits of taking a system-first design approach to accelerate innovation from Mohamed Awad, VP of IoT & Embedded at Arm, and discover how to capitalize on the specialized processing capabilities that the Arm ecosystem is delivering.

Introducing Arm Total Solutions for IoT

Developing IoT systems is incredibly complex. To fulfil the potential of IoT, we need to simplify and accelerate development for the entire value chain. Arm Total Solutions for IoT is an industry first, bringing together specialized processing capabilities with standardized, secure software, and innovative approaches to tooling and development.


Delivering a Roadmap for Success

Arm is fully committed to a comprehensive solutions approach, with the Total Solutions for IoT roadmap continuing to be rolled out over the coming months and years. The solutions will target new IoT use cases and support our latest IP.

Total Solutions for IoT Roadmap

Arm’s First Total Solutions for IoT

The first Arm Total Solutions for IoT address general purpose compute and machine learning (ML) workload use cases, including an ML-based voice keyword recognition example. It is based on the Corstone-300 subsystem, incorporating Cortex-M55, Arm’s most AI-capable Cortex-M processor, and Ethos-U55, a configurable and efficient microNPU.


Available software and hardware configurations help accelerate and optimize development cycles, reducing costs and risk for a faster time-to-market.


Total Solutions Configurations Diagram

Enabling Software-Hardware Co-Development for IoT and ML

Total Solutions SDK

Total Solutions SDK 

The first configurations of Arm Total Solutions for IoT are available as Software Development Kits (SDKs) free on the Arm Github. Total Solutions SDKs and other software can be run on the first beta release of Arm Virtual Hardware, available as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) on AWS Marketplace.

Arm Virtual Hardware

Arm Virtual Hardware

Arm Virtual Hardware delivers accurate models of Arm-based SoCs for application developers to build and test software without hardware. It runs as a simple application in the cloud and uses modern agile software development practices such as CI/CD (DevOps) and MLOps workflows.

Embracing Cloud-Native Approaches for IoT

To address scale and fragmentation challenges across the complete IoT continuum, Arm is collaborating with our partners to develop industry initiatives to enable a cloud-native software experience from endpoints to the cloud, bringing us one step closer to unleashing the potential of the IoT.

Project Centauri is one of the foundations of Total Solutions for IoT and enables software to be leveraged across cloud service providers and the vastly diverse hardware of the embedded edge, by bringing together industry standards, security initiatives and the extensive Arm Cortex-M ecosystem.

Arm has aligned with other industry leaders to establish a standards-based approach to platforms and security. Project Cassini is an open, collaborative initiative that will enable the cloud-native IoT and infrastructure edge with Arm Cortex-A.

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