Using Arm Cortex-M Processors in an FPGA

Lowering software development costs by using Arm Cortex-M processors in an FPGA

As design requirements and standards continue to evolve in the embedded market, FPGAs provide developers a great opportunity to get started on a project instantly, and incrementally improve the design over time. But how do you build a successful FPGA solution? Xilinx and Arm have joined forces to help embedded developers experience the benefits of a commercial FPGA, with the processing and software ecosystem of the Arm embedded processors. 

Arm Cortex-M processors in an FPGA

This paper illustrates:

  • How to use Cortex-M processors in Xilinx-based FPGAs
  • The key steps needed to take in order to develop a successful FPGA based device, including integration, verification and synthesis
  • Software development support and resources from the Arm and Xilinx ecosystem