On Demand: A Deployer's Route to IoT at Hyperscale

Mini Webinar Series:

Part 1 - Managed IoT Devices with simple security, efficiency and AI

Part 2 - From complicated and costly to out-of-the-box and easy

The Covid-19 crisis is showing us the importance of precise and reliable data. It has highlighted the difference between shipping a box marked 'PPE' and being certain of its contents, the importance of tracking essential production line operations in real-time, and how data-driven processes across any system can be fine-tuned when every element of the system is connected and manageable. We are now seeing the true potential of a global IoT, and the data-driven insight and actions it can enable.

But driving a pervasive IoT to take connected industries and businesses to the next level of value and control is not simply a case of scaling out and deploying more devices.

Key items to considerations before embarking on a commercial IoT journey include:

  • clearly defined objectives
  • security
  • component interoperability
  • speed to market
  • turnkey vs tailored solutions

Join two webinars with industry experts at the cutting edge of IoT evolution, debating what they think happens next and how they imagine the vision of a Hyperscale IoT can become a reality, in the face of Covid-19.


Panelists include:

Dr. Juan Nogueira-Nine, Senior Director of Connectivity at Flex

Jack Ogawa, Senior Director of Embedded Products at Cypress (An Infineon Technologies Company)

Charlene Marini, VP/GM of the Devices IoT Platform BU at Arm

Hima Mukkamala, General Manager of Pelion IoT Platform at Arm

Phil Skipper, Vodafone Business’s Head of IoT Strategy

Brian Russell, IoT Solution Architect at Atos

Avishay Shraga, Head of Security Technology at Altair Semiconductor

Pete Swabey, The Economist Intelligence Unit's Editorial Director

With panel moderator Bob O'Donnell from analyst firm TECHnalysis Research