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Arm Forge is used by 70% of the top 20 supercomputer users worldwide to quickly understand application performance and achieve faster results from their debug, profiling and optimization efforts.

Arm Forge also provides performance engineering for any server, with a combined parallel debugger (Arm DDT), profiler (Arm MAP) and reporting tool (Performance Reports) for developing and optimizing code. Analyze I/O, CPU, Lustre, energy and use regional profiling with Caliper. Sign up today and receive afree 7-days license and support from Arm experts.

The software developers in our group use Arm Forge on an almost daily basis, not only for finding and fixing errors but also in order to get a more profound insight into program execution and data states.

Dr. Aurel Neic, Postdoctoral Researcher, Institute of Biophysics Medical University of Graz