Bolstering the Research Ecosystem

Portrait of Andrea Kells
Andrea Kells, Research Ecosystem Director
Portrait of Richard Buttrey

Richard Buttrey, Director of Academic Engagements

Collaboration is key to Arm’s thriving ecosystem and nowhere is this more important than in research. We work together with our academic and industrial collaborators to understand the key issues facing our industry, solve both current and future problems, and set the foundations for exciting new technological developments.

Research is only possible with access to the right tools, and with limited resources it’s important to focus these in the right areas. That’s why in 2020, we launched a new way for academic institutions to access our IP for research purposes. Arm Academic Access makes it even faster and easier for academic researchers to access a wider range of Arm IP than ever before, and all at no charge. We've already had research institutions from around the world join the program, along with Taiwan Semiconductor Research Institute (TSRI) and Europractice


We’ve continued to build upon our valued relationships with long-term collaborators, including sponsoring PhD students across Europe, with research topics that cover everything from robotics and machine learning through to 3D circuits and HPC, and the announcement of our involvement with an exciting new DARPA program investigating secure SoC design. Our first virtual Arm Research Summit further demonstrated the importance of the wider research ecosystem in addressing global technology challenges, with delegates from around the world joining to hear from inspiring speakers and share their thoughts on issues impacting sustainability, security and society.

We’re proud to support such a dynamic ecosystem of world-class researchers and academics, who make possible many of the technological advancements we see today.