Omdia Analyze Arm for iSIM

Why Arm Should be on Your Radar for iSIM

iSIMs will help extend the benefits of eSIMs for cellular IoT applications to even smaller, less expensive, and more power-constrained devices. This Omdia report highlights how Arm is driving iSIM adoption in cellular IoT, why enterprises should be considering this new technology and why Arm is well positioned to be a trusted partner.

iSIM Analyst Report

Key insights:

  • Recommendations for enterprises: enterprise adopters of cellular IoT technology should consider using iSIM technology because it expands on the benefits of eSIM for IoT applications.
  • How iSIM builds on benefits of eSIM: iSIMs expand the addressable market to include applications and use cases that involve very small or compact form factors, are extremely price-sensitive, and/or require extended battery life, beyond the capability of standard eSIMs (MFF2) to support.
  • Arm can help drive iSIM adoption: Arm’s position in the cellular IoT value chain should help it to drive iSIM adoption for IoT applications. As a leading IPR provider in the mobile industry, the company helps to provide foundational technology and is very active in driving industry discussions around new technology development.