LPWAN Complete Solutions

The Arm Cordio-N IP for NarrowBand IoT provides a full solution path for device integrators to integrate LPWAN IoT connectivity into their devices. It provides a highly integrated IP block together with layer control, digital front end, RF interface, and software. The ultra-lightweight protocol stack solution, is designed for optimized low footprint memory and low power/low bandwidth IoT platforms, conforming to the latest 3GPP standard, and is running on Arm Cortex-M processors.

Features and Benefits

Complete solution from RF to application for rapid SoC integration


Low power implementation optimized for Cortex-M


Building on Arm TrustZone and CryptoCell for trusted secure connectivity

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Cortex-M Processors

Cortex-M Processors

Cordio-N for NarrowBand IT is designed for optimal efficiency with systems built around the Arm Cortex-M processor series.

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Arm Mbed Development Boards

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