Video Processing That Brings 8K Home

Mali video processors provide advanced video processing technology combined with power efficiency and one of the smallest chip sizes on the market, giving creators of mainstream to high-end mobile devices support for a wide range of video technologies. Arm Mali-V76 is the next-generation premium video processor, designed to bring stunning 8K content to home and mobile devices. Mali-V76 provides significant area savings and uplifts in both encode quality and decode performance compared to its predecessor.

Features and Benefits
Power and Flexibility

Mali-V76 can deliver an 8K video stream at 60fps. Partners can also choose to leverage its flexibility to support 4x4 video walls at 1080p or 2x2 2160p walls, both at 60fps. 

Multi-Standard Support

Enjoy broad support for HEVC, H.264, VP9, VP8 encode and decode, and legacy decoders, along with 4K media.


Improve time to market with support from a unified Mali multimedia suite of graphics, video, and display processing.

Use Case

Home Multimedia Systems on Chip

Innovative solutions like Mali-V76 ensure the very best visual experience across a whole host of device types and tiers for home use.

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