Next-Generation VPU for the Mainstream Market

Area-efficient and flexible, Arm Mali VPUs provide support for a wide range of video technologies—including top-notch video processing and display processing—and significant area savings and uplifts in both encode quality and decode performance. Just one core of Mali-V52 can deliver 4K30FPS decode, enabling premium 4K video in the smallest area. Mali-V52 can simultaneously encode and decode using multiple codecs and can achieve a total performance of up to 4K120 decode or 4K60 encode when configured with four cores. 

Features and Benefits
Configurable Core

Configurable from one to four cores, the Mali-V52 is an area-efficient, multi-standard video encode and decode core.

Improved Encode and Decode Capability

The Mali-V52 adds High 10 H.264 encode and decode capability to Levels 5.0 and 5.1, respectively, and also adds AVS Part 2 (Jizhun) and Part 15 (AVS+, Guangdian) decode capability for YUV420.

Improved Encode Quality

Mali-V52 builds on the success of Mali-V61 to improve encode quality by up to 15 percent at the same bitrate, making videos and images crisper than ever before or saving on crucial storage space while retaining the same quality.

Use Case

Beyond Picture-in-Picture

Previewing channels isn’t about viewing a simple picture-in-picture anymore. Users increasingly expect to be able to select their programming content from up to 16 actively streaming channels. This 4x4 video wall approach is a requirement from many of our Chinese Set Top Box and DTV partners—one that is supported by Mali-V52 and associated IP.

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