High-Efficiency Graphics Processor for Mainstream Mobile

Providing significant improvements over previous generations, the Arm Mali-T820 and Mali-T830 provide a staggered approach to performance. Mali-T830 has more compute capability per shader core and handles more complex content than Mali-T820. Both are the first mainstream Mali GPUs to introduce OpenGL ES 3.2 API support, Android Extension Pack support, and Arm Frame Buffer Compression support.

Features and Benefits
Cost Effective

The reduced silicon areas of Mali-T820 and Mali-T830 lower implementation costs for quality content on mainstream devices.

Rich Interfaces

With an optimal blend of features and efficiency, Mali-T820 and Mali-T830 deliver rich user interfaces and compelling content to mainstream mobile.

Better Handling of Complex Content

The additional arithmetic pipeline in Mali-T830 supports faster computation of complex content.

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Mali-T820 and Mali-T830 Resources

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