High-Performance, Energy-Efficient GPU

With stunning graphics capabilities, Arm Mali high-performance GPUs combine GPU compute functionality with micro-architecture enhancements and system-wide bandwidth-saving technology to bring energy efficiency to advanced mobile and consumer devices.

The Arm Mali-T760 GPU delivers 400 percent of the energy efficiency of the previous generation of products. Scalable from one to 16 cores, Mali-T760 introduces cohesive, bandwidth-saving technologies and reduces the overall system level bandwidth and power cost of transferring spatially coordinated image data throughout the system.

Features and Benefits
Compute-Intensive Tasks

Designed for compute-intensive tasks, Mali-T760 delivers excellent execution of computational photography, gesture recognition, and image stabilization.


An advanced, coherent L2 cache interconnect ensures that the Mali-T760 GPU can scale effectively to its full 16 cores, maximizing its performance potential and simplifying the physical implementation effort of the GPU.

SoC Energy Efficiency

Compatibility with additional power-saving technologies like Arm Frame Buffer Compression and Smart Composition allows Mali-T760 to reduce overall system on chip (SoC) power.

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