ML Inference Processor with Balanced Efficiency and Performance 

Optimized for the most cost- and power-sensitive designs, Ethos-N57 delivers premium AI experiences in mainstream phones and digital TVs. The Arm AI platform makes it easy to develop on Arm by combining the highest performance, open-source software framework with the largest AI ecosystem.

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Features and Benefits
Balanced Performance

Delivers up to 2 TOP/s of performance with 1024 8-Bit MACs.

Optimized Design

Up to 225% convolution performance uplift using Winograd on 3x3 kernels, delivering up to 90% MAC utilization.

High Efficiency

Internally distributed SRAM stores data close to the compute elements to save power and reduce DRAM access.


Supports a wide range of existing ML operations and future innovations through firmware updates and compiler technology.

Use Cases
Where Innovation and Ideas Come to Life

Consumers want a range of mobile devices, from smartphones to laptops to PCs, that feature immersive computing with powerful artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and ML capabilities. Arm offers a broad range of IP that lets developers, SiPs, and OEMs address these increasingly complex requirements.

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The new class of ultra-efficient machine learning processors is purpose-built to redefine device capabilities and transform our lives. Discover how the Ethos-N57 NPU can create a better user experience for your products.

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