The Most Efficient Way to Detect People and Objects 

A second-generation processor for sophisticated object detection in smart cameras and other vision-based devices. Ideal for mobile and embedded platforms, the processor continually scans frames to detect objects and their location. In addition to complete human forms, it detects faces, heads, and shoulders, as well as identifying the direction a person is facing.

Features and Benefits
Superior Detection

Detects an unlimited number of objects per frame, from 50x60 pixels to full screen in real time with full HD.

Rich Detail 

People model provides rich metadata and enables the detection of direction, trajectory, pose and gesture.

Supplementary Features 

Additional software libraries offer high-level, on-device features, such as facial recognition.

Efficient Pre-Processing

Fully interoperates with Arm Cortex CPUs, Arm Mali GPUs and the Arm Machine Learning processor for additional local processing, and high-level behavior detection.

Storage Efficient

Enables cloud-connected cameras to upstream only when people are detected, significantly reducing bandwidth and remote storage.


Data streams of just a few kilobytes reduce bandwidth to the cloud, allowing several thousand streams to be aggregated per server, achieving significant economies of scale. 

Artificial Intelligence

The new class of ultra-efficient machine learning and object detection processors is purpose-built to redefine device capabilities and transform our lives. 

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