Entry-Level Subsystem Ideal for Low-Cost IoT 

The CoreLink SSE-050 subsystem is an entry-level system that allows designers to get the foundation of their IoT or embedded system quickly ready to run Mbed OS out of the box. Based around the Cortex-M3 processor, the subsystem is ready to connect external peripherals for a custom solution design. It can be modified and tuned to requirements without having to build a system from the ground up.

Features and Benefits

Code interface connects in any way, including to embedded flash to improve integration and performance, and lower power. 


Expansion ports offer increased versatility and a great start for SoC projects.

Foundation for Growth

The SSE-050 is included in the Corstone-100, Corstone-101, Corstone-200, and Corstone-201 foundation IP.

Use Cases
Where Innovation and Ideas Come to Life

Smart Buildings

Connected intelligence, including smart meters, environmental monitors, connected lighting, connected appliances, and much more.


Asset and inventory management, both in store and in the warehouse. Allows accurate tracking and protection against theft, localized advertisement via IoT beacons, and options for smart product packaging.

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The Arm SSE-050 supports many IoT use cases. Find out more from Arm experts.

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Corstone Foundation IP

Flexible design toolbox containing system and subsystem IP, pre-integrated with the latest Cortex-M processors and security IP.

Cortex-M3 Processor

Cortex-M3 Processor

The Cortex-M3 processor is a low-cost option for embedded and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.


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The SSE-100 subsystem allows designers to get the foundation of their IoT or embedded system quickly ready to run Mbed OS out of the box.


SSE-200 Subsystem

The SSE-200 subsystem is architected and pre-integrated to speed up SoC design and reduce design costs.

SSE-050 Resources

Everything you need to know to make the right decision for your project. Includes technical documentation, industry insights, and where to go for expert advice.


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