Accelerate SoC Design

The Cortex-M System Design Kit provides a comprehensive set of IP that includes example AMBA systems to help bring design to a working system as quickly as possible. It also contains a library of fundamental peripherals and interconnect generation, software drivers and examples.


This product is included in the Arm Corstone foundation IP.

Features and Benefits
Modifiable System Solution

Optimized to work out of the box with Cortex-M processors used in low latency, low power, and small area applications, such as mixed signal.

Essential Infrastructure Support

AMBA interconnects and peripherals offer comprehensive AHB and APB infrastructure support. Baselines peripherals include UART, timers, GPIO, and watchdog.

Comprehensive Software Support

Kit includes example programs for Keil MDK, Arm Development Studio, GCC, CMSIS header files and software drivers.

Use Cases
Where Innovation and Ideas Come to Life

Asset and inventory management, both in store and in the warehouse. Allows accurate tracking and protection against theft, localized advertisement via IoT beacons, and options for smart product packaging.

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