An Essential Toolkit for Fast, Secure IoT Solutions

The Arm Corstone-200 foundation IP speeds-up your secure SoC design. It contains a subsystem and system IP to complement Cortex-M processors, including the latest Cortex-M33 processors. The Arm SSE-200 subsystem included in the Arm Corstone foundation IP is a solid base for Cortex-M design built on the latest Cortex-M33, with Arm TrustZone support for deep-rooted security.

Features and Benefits
Pre-Integrated Security Elements

Proven filters to protect memory, peripherals, and enforce access rules at a system level are pre-integrated and ready to use.

Build Firmware Quickly and Efficiently

Arm provides open-source permissive licensed software examples and software for SSE-200 is available via multiple options. An FPGA implementation of the subsystem on the MPS2+ or the MPS3 FPGA prototyping boards is available to download for immediate prototyping. 

Superset of Corstone-101 Foundation IP

Comprehensive package with additional elements that include the SSE-200 subsystem, CoreLink SIE-200 System IP, CoreLink SSE-050, Cortex-M System Design Kit, AHB Flash cache, RTC, TRNG. 

Use Cases
Where Innovation and Ideas Come to Life

Asset and inventory management, both in store and in the warehouse. Allows accurate tracking and protection against theft, localized advertisement via IoT beacons, and options for smart product packaging.

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Corstone Foundation IP

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