Roll out IoT Devices at Scale without Friction​

Projects that have gained budgetary approval and emerged from proof of concept are worth celebrating, but there’s still some way to go. A secure and frictionless deployment is key to a project’s buy-in and long-term success- improving the chances of adoption and a ‘path to value.’ Check out our range of reports and guides to help you deploy your device estate and ensure you see a return on your investment.

The IoT Project Manual

Gaining Buy-in Faster and Rolling-Out Sooner

Our latest handbook maps out your journey from conception to the ongoing management of an IoT device estate. It’s the definitive guide to:

  • Device specification
  • Cloud
  • Edge computing
  • Securing your IoT device estate
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How to Manage Device Life Cycles

A deployed device can come under attack as it moves through several stages during its life cycle. As it progresses from deployment to regular use, and through periodic updates to eventual retirement. Our guide highlights:

  • Risks posed at each stage
  • How to counter various attack methods
  • Update securely in the field
Defining your KPIs and your IoT Success

What does success look like to you? Our at-a-glance guide highlights the key metrics you should be monitoring at each stage of your digital transformation. ​

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