What Is Pelion Device Management On-Premises?

Arm’s Pelion Device Management On-Premises is the only true on-premises solution in the market today designed to facilitate identification, onboarding, provisioning, management and standards-based connectivity support for a wide range of devices. Architected for both scale and security, Device Management On-Premises makes it easy to organize, monitor and remotely manage IoT devices.


In addition to the on-premises option, Pelion Device Management is also available as a cloud-based or a hybrid deployment option. All the options provide identical features and functionality so that you can implement consistent device management across your IoT environments.


Many enterprises choose on-premises device management solutions over traditional cloud offerings in order to gain greater visibility and control over their systems and data. A private, on-premises deployment may otherwise be required to meet government or industry regulations, internal policies, or legal liabilities, or may be due to technical limitations.

Benefits of Pelion Device Management On-Premises 

Pelion Device Management On-Premises provides the most extensive control possible over IoT implementations.


Customization allows enterprises to design their own environment and features, as well as add integrations that aren’t part of cloud products by default. With on-premises device management, you can implement the best possible solution for your needs and deploy it on-premises, or other data centers of your preference.


On-premises device management provides a seamless and instant hand-off of management of IoT devices between systems. This approach dramatically accelerates and enhances data connectivity between devices and the server-end. With versatile deployment options, your devices get connected to the right place, at the right time – and with minimal overhead.


Your data can be stored in databases on your own servers under your control and security. This enables rapid expansion of various types of analytics, data-driven diagnostic tools and integration with other applications that can benefit from the data. You make the decisions about how and when to process the information depending on individual use cases.

When to Use On-Premises IoT Device Management?
How IoT Device Management Solutions Can Be Deployed

Pelion Device Management On-Premises offers users the ability to customize their own environment, choose specific features and add new integrations that aren’t supported by most cloud-based products. On-premises solutions also provide a cost-efficient way to scale: After the initial investment, customers don’t need to continue paying service providers to add devices or store additional data.


Depending on the needs of your individual organization, on-premises device management can be implemented in a variety of configurations including:


  • Physical, bare-metal hardware on customer premises
  • Customer’s data center with virtualization capabilities
  • Customer-preferred IaaS vendor
  • Other local or geographically remote clouds
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