Maximize ROI of the IoT Life Cycle 

Whether your devices are measuring manufacturing downtime on the factory floor or tracking the whereabouts of pallets of groceries, IoT's value is a measure of the data produced and an organizations' ability to put it to use. Check out our range of reports and guides to help ensure your device estate is delivering a return on investment and building the business case for future projects.

The Economist IoT Business Index 2020

How can you maximize your return post-deployment?

This report examines an Economist-led survey based on in-depth interviews with 800+ executives who have led or advised on IoT initiatives within companies or founded IoT-based businesses, sharing best-practice. The key findings of the study include:

  • Creating value from IoT data
  • Data informing the strategic direction
  • Application of IoT data and AI
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Pelion Device Management Overview Brochure

Our latest handbook maps out your journey conception to the ongoing management of an IoT device estate. It’s the definitive guide to ensuring you exceed your deployments expected ROI. The manual covers:

  • Managing a device ecosystem
  • Fulfilling your data’s potential
  • Choosing the right partner
Secure IoT by Design

Ensure your organization is not storing up security debt that can impact your ROI by building a device ecosystem that is secure by design. Download the Copper Horse Secure IoT by Design white paper to get insights on:

  • Secure IoT device principles
  • External considerations impacting device security
  • Streamlined, cost-effective device life cycle management
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