Craft an IoT Device Ecosystem that Suits my Needs​

Our range of guides and white papers help overcome the pain points encountered when designing your IoT ecosystem. Our IoT Handbook can help you evaluate a build versus buy strategy, avoid pilot purgatory, and know when’s the right time to exit the ‘Proof of Concept’ stage or perhaps if you can bypass it altogether.

The IoT Project Manual

Gaining Buy-in Faster and Rolling-Out Sooner

Our latest handbook maps out your journey from conception to the ongoing management of an IoT device estate. It’s the definitive guide to:

  • Device specification
  • Cloud
  • Edge computing
  • Securing your IoT device estate
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Secure IoT by Design

IoT security expert David Rogers, MBE, offers an impartial guide to designing secure IoT device estates. Download the Copper Horse Secure IoT by Design white paper to get insights on:

  • Secure IoT device principles
  • External considerations impacting device security
  • Streamlined, cost-effective device life cycle management
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Pelion Device Management Overview Brochure

Get the lowdown on turnkey, future-proof, and secure IoT device management from the device experts. This brochure covers:

  • Development flexibility
  • Chip-to-Cloud independence
  • Development agility
On-Premises vs. Cloud: Choosing the Right IoT Deployment Approach

Managing deployments On-Premises offers flexibility in terms of both device and cloud deployment options. This white paper covers:

  • Evaluation of Cloud options
  • 6 reasons for managing devices On-Premises
  • Criteria for device management platform selection
Analyst Mason e-Book on IoT Device Management​

Learn how organizations are using device management platforms to address some of the challenges they encounter when deploying IoT solutions, including the need to:

  • Support the expanding scale and complexity of the IoT network
  • Manage device interoperability
  • Provide security and threat prevention
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