Identifing the Problem and Building an IoT Business Case

Insights based on IoT data spark innovation, improve customer experiences, and reduce operating costs. But there is a gap between the desire to change and realizing that change. For every successful deployment, there is an IoT estate that never made it past approval and just as many that made it to deployment stage but proved ineffective. Check out our range of reports and guides to help you gain buy-in, deploy, and manage an estate of devices that transform your organization.

The IoT Project Manual

Get Buy-in and Rolling Out Sooner

Our latest Manual maps out your journey from conception to the ongoing management of an IoT device estate. It’s the definitive guide to:

  • The drivers that will help you build consensus with stakeholders
  • Convincing the various decision-makers to invest their resource in your IoT strategy
  • Forming a project team
  • Breaking down barriers to unlock true value
  • Defining what success looks like to your project
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The Economist IoT Business Index 2020

Do you need a point of reference to help substantiate your business case?

The IoT Business Index 2020 by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) results from a global and cross-industry executive survey. It is now in its third edition, providing a rare longitudinal measure of IoT implementation. This edition shows that between 2017 and 2020, a step-change in IoT adoption took place.

This report examines the results of the IoT Business Index survey. It draws on in-depth interviews with executives who have led or advised on IoT initiatives within companies or founded IoT-based businesses. The key findings of the study include:

  • Since 2017, both internal and external-facing IoT adoption have advanced substantially
  • This progress reflects increased investment
  • A “path to business value” for the IoT has emerged
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Handbook: IoT for Dummies

Discover what’s required to design a robust, scalable and secure IoT platform including important challenges to consider and why it’s vital to address those challenges at the early planning stages.

  • Design a robust scalable IoT Solution
  • Manage Deployment
  • Stay Secure
Infographics: EIU 2020​

Get the key trends that will help you articulate your IoT business case to stakeholders- all at-a glance. ​

Analysis Mason IoT Guide

Download the Device Management e-Book to find out how to build a scalable, interoperable, secure and simple device ecosystem.

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