Efficiently and Securely Deploy, Connect and Maintain Devices Throughout the Lifecycle

Pelion Device Management provides simple, secure, and flexible IoT management capabilities for a range of device profiles. Multiple deployment configurations are available to suit the customer’s needs, including a typical cloud option, an on-premises solution with cloud-like capabilities or even as a hybrid option. Device management forms the solid foundation for accelerated IoT deployment, allowing businesses to capture, keep, and utilize IoT data with peace of mind, to drive optimal operational efficiency.

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Reduces complexity of device management and diversity of device profiles. Facilitates provisioning, deployment, and remote updating of devices for end-to-end service throughout the device lifecycle —ensuring long product life.


Security for IoT devices is critical, from hardware through to connectivity and into the cloud. Device management provides a wide range of features which ensure chip-to-cloud security, regardless of the industry and market, allowing OEMs to easily design and deploy more robust IoT solutions.


The highly adaptable solution allows an organization to track, manage, and update an ever-growing number of devices. A modular approach allows enterprises to configure Pelion Device Management and tailor the services as their needs grow and evolve.

Flexible Deployment and Management

Arm Pelion Platform


Trusted device identification, device on-boarding and service provisioning.


Standard-based, secure and energy-efficient device management service, built for a wide range of device types.


Ensure long product lifetime with cost-effective, secure and reliable software update.

Device Management Edge

Device Management Edge extends crucial device management capabilities to onboard, control and manage devices using IoT gateways. Gateways play a critical role in IoT networks by acting as a bridge between local wired and wirelessly connected devices, and in many cases running local applications to control devices.

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Device Management On Premises

Complete IoT device management solution, deployed on premises, without dependency on any cloud instances.

Many enterprises favor on-premises solutions over traditional cloud offerings, in order to gain better visibility and stronger control of access to their systems, their data, and improve their customer relationships. A private, on-premises deployment may be necessary for government or industry regulations, policies, legal liabilities and indemnification issues, or simply due to technical limitations.

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IoT-Securing by Design

The IoT is facilitating an explosion in insights that help us make informed decisions. But how can we make trusted decisions without trusted data?  This white paper by Copper Horse details how to make that transition by placing security at the heart of IoT design principles?

Download the Copper Horse Secure IoT by Design white paper to get insights on:

  • Secure IoT device principles
  • External considerations impacting device security
  • Streamlined, cost-effective device life cycle management
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Case Studies

Pelion Device Management delivers value across applications, industries, and geographies. Read about some of our customers' paths to secure, scalable, successful IoT deployments. 

Connected, Efficient Waste Management

Remote device management for Alphatronics

  • Securely connecting existing waste infrastructure to IoT 
  • Reduced service calls and resources
  • Automated accurate billing 
  • Low power flexible connectivity options

Provisioning Smart Meters to 30 Million Homes

Helping KEPCO transition into energy and services provider 

  • Reduced development cost
  • Faster time to market
  • Total control of devices in the field
  • Chip to cloud security