What Does an IoT Connectivity Management Platform Do for Me?

A connectivity management platform is a critical part of any successful IoT deployment. It allows you to manage all your IoT subscribers from a single interface regardless of how many different networks your total IoT deployment span or how many customer deployments you have under management.

Why not take our guided tour of the Pelion Connectivity Management platform and find out what it can do for you.

Get a tour of key sections of the platform including:

  • Data and analytics
  • Usage monitoring
  • Billing management
  • Stock and activations
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Quick and Easy Deployment of New Devices

IoT subscriber activation

Activating IoT SIM cards and virtual eUICC profiles is step one in IoT connectivity. Pelion Connectivity Management manages your stock from activation through to termination.

  • Single or bulk activations of physical SIMs and eUICC profiles
  • Ensure new activations are assigned the right tariff
  • Request new stock from within platform

Pre-Empt Issues Before They Become Problems

IoT subscriber monitoring 

Pelion Connectivity Management makes it easy to understand what your subscribers are doing and act quickly if you see something suspicious.

  • Dig down into granular usage data by subscriber, protocol, IP and total for account
  • Troubleshoot SIMs, raise support tickets and request termination
  • Export data for reporting purposes

Take the Admin out of Large Deployments 

IoT connectivity automation engine 

You don’t need to be glued to your screen to be confident your deployment is running smoothly. It's impossible to manually manage large deployments so we built an industry leading automation engine.

  • Network integration with MNO partners to allow near real time monitoring
  • Define business rules for usage monitoring, security, subscription management and SIM provisioning
  • Automatically trigger tariff changes, subscriber status changes, or email and SMS alerts
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Seamless Integration into Existing Workflows


Pelion Connectivity Management platform is built to integrate easily into your existing business systems and processes with every item of functionality accessible via an API call.

  • All Pelion Connectivity Management features accessible via APIs
  • Use APIs to build applications or integrate with existing business systems
  • APIs fully documented and built on a service orientated architecture with microservice components

Eliminate Complexity with a Single Monthly Bill

Consolidated connectivity bills

Easily keep on top of IoT connectivity costs and provide your customers with consistent and accurate invoicing. Combined with automated usage alerts and barring there should be no more billing surprises.

  • At a glance view of all billable events across your IoT SIM card deployment
  • Single monthly bill regardless of how many different networks data usage spans
  • Tariff creation and management for connectivity service providers

Easy and Efficient Management of Accounts of Any Size

MNO admin view

Gain greater visibility of activity across all of your managed accounts and minimize effort involved in customer management.

  • Create custom groups and associate set and forget rules giving you greater control
  • Drill down from global view in to specific accounts or even subscribers
  • Easily manage access control and permissions across accounts
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Picking the Right IoT Connectivity Management Platform

To make picking a connectivity management platform easier, we have summarised some
of the key features and functionality in this eBook. The connectivity management platform
plays an important role in managing and maintaining your IoT deployments.
It helps complete critical tasks such as:

  • SIM activation and management
  • Cost control and billing
  • Network performance monitoring
  • Troubleshooting and fault finding
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