Connectivity Management as a Service (IoT-X)

IoT-X is Arm’s leading eSIM and connectivity orchestration service offering, available to connectivity service providers, mobile network operators and enterprise clients.

Service providers and MNOs can cost-efficiently manage any GSMA compliant eSIM form factor on their network and have control over and visibility into data transiting on their SIMs when operating on another mobile network. IoT-X is highly scalable and can be deployed globally. Our restful API's and integration process provides a seamless integration with any mobile operator in any country worldwide. It can provide real-time monitoring & billing.

As a result, service providers and MNOs can offer trusted eSIM based connectivity to OEMs, consumer appliance manufacturers, enterprise clients and government organizations, rapidly and cost effectively to a defined QoS. Enterprises can adopt IoT-X for company-wide management of connectivity. Whether it’s managing smart cities, precision asset tracking or consumer products, IoT-X provides customers with an all-in-one service to manage their own portfolios of eSIM connections on a multi-country basis.

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Ease of Service Delivery
by Auto-connection of Devices and Low-touch Operations
eSIM Orchestration
eSIM Orchestration 

Designed for MNOs/CSPs, OEMs & Enterprise clients, IoT-X is a cost and resource efficient service enabling rapid embedded Subscriber Identification Module (eSIM) profile integration for its respective orchestration, management and billing.  Our global data network is flexible for routing subscriber data efficiently and securely regardless of the eSIM profile used which radically simplifies eSIM integration for all parties in the ecosystem and reduces the orchestration complexity.

Bootstrap and Multi Network Ready 

A bootstrap profile guarantees an eSIM its connectivity and enables a designated MNO profile to be downloaded onto the SIM. The eSIM acquires a multi-country, primary/secondary (backup) and local MNO capability, thus gaining exceptional QOS performance-cost benefits, to the advantage of MNOs, OEMs and Enterprise clients alike. IoT-X provides full control, visibility & management of bootstrap and downloadable MNO profiles, together with related tariff plans. The comprehensive mix of MNOs with eSIM profile downloading enabled on IoT-X will continue to rapidly grow.

Customer Satisfaction
due to Quality and Global Reach of Services


Administration Portal

Administration Portal

IoT-X comprises fully-functional eSIM orchestration with a comprehensive and feature rich administration portal to ensure quality of service. The portal provides access to management tools, granular insight into network-data transit, powerful analytics, customer support/help/troubleshooting, account management and control over all aspects of eSIM orchestration.

Time to Profitability
due to Easy Stand-up, Low Overhead, and Service Scalability
APIs Designed for a Modern World

New IoT services require capabilities to build applications and connect to existing applications and platforms. APIs are fundamental to the agility and flexibility of IoT-X, facilitating rapid deep integration without invasive disruption. Restful APIs are available to allow the integration of any functionality within IoT-X into your own applications or processes. Our unique integration approach allows the overlay of the more common third-party connectivity platforms (Cisco-Jasper, Ericsson DCP) and the routing of data to application platforms (MS Azure, PTC ThingWorx, IBM Watson) as well as allowing control from external B/OSS systems (SalesForce).

eSIM Partners
Partnerships for Flexible and Secure Identities for Networks

Arm works with trusted identity partners, like Idemia and others, who provide the technology that takes care of eSIM profile creation and management. Combined with Arm’s IoT-X, we provide customers with a fully integrated, GSMA complaint eSIM-based IoT solution which is highly secure, reliable and globally relevant.

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