Connectivity as a Service

Enterprises and partners (original equipment manufacturers, system integrators, silicon partners) can deliver network agnostic, protocol agnostic, device agnostic, and secure global IoT connectivity using Arm’s Connectivity as a Service.  The key attributes of the service include flexibility, security, simplicity and efficiency.

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of Network Devices, Providers, and Protocols


Global Coverage
Global Coverage 

Connectivity as a Service provides access to 600+ networks globally through an enterprise connectivity management offering. Our embedded Subscriber Identification Module (eSIM) connectivity technology is utilized by enterprise clients worldwide to provide high-quality, multi-regional, and country-specific cellular services for IoT devices.

LTE Connectivity
Connectivity Across Standards

Due to partnerships with cellular, satellite, LoRa network providers, a broad range of connectivity standards are supported. 4G/LTE connectivity provides the fastest cellular transmission speeds with reduced latency. This is ideal for use in video surveillance and streaming services that rely on stable high data throughput. For applications that involve the transfer of large amounts of data, but do not have a requirement for the ultra-fast capability of 4G/LTE then our 3G services are appropriate. By applying TCP Optimization, 3G can also be used as an alternative to 4G/LTE where this is unavailable. Our 2G connectivity best is suited for applications requiring low-cost, low-bitrate connectivity as it consumes less power than 3G or 4G/LTE thereby extending device battery life.

due to Network Resilience, Encrypted Connection, and Private Network Access
Network Resilience
Network Resilience  

Arm's data routing infrastructure, comprising of a global data network and high availability message bus is fast, resilient and highly reliable.

Our technology provides the highest level of connectivity assurance by offering a highly available network architecture built on a geographically redundant network, thereby minimizing connectivity downtime.

Virtual Private Network

A virtual private network (VPN) allows customers to establish a secure, encrypted connection when using a public network, such as the internet. Our technology supports various data encryption standards for VPNs including IPsec, L2TP and OpenVPN.


Our IPsec is a set of protocols designed to enhance the data security and protection of VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) for customers. Encryption techniques utilized by IPsec ensures data integrity is protected while traversing a network. IPsec encryption algorithms protect data in transit from unauthorized viewing or copying. Data authentication ensures data received by the application has been sent from a trustworthy source, mitigating the risk of malicious traffic being sent to the customer’s network.


Direct Inbound Network Access (DINA) provides a secure and convenient way for customers to establish a direct connection to IoT devices. DINA allows customers to securely create a private association between any of their SIM's with a public IP address to enable access to devices remotely via a web page. DINA's restricted access is inherently more secure, reliable and cost-effective than alternative services such as fixed public IP addressing.

Private APN
Private APN

Arm’s private APN services enable enterprise clients to safely and securely connect their subscribers remotely to a corporate network. It enables organizations to have a private network separate from the public internet ensuring data is protected from unwanted access by third parties. Devices using Arm’s private APN are protected from attacks from external parties, since each subscriber can be segregated from the public internet.

of Device Auto-onboarding, Unified Operations, and Billing
Easy Connection Management with Connectivity Management as a Service (IoT-X) 

All IoT Subscribers are managed via Arm's IoT-X user interface. IoT-X is the world's leading IoT connectivity management as a service offering, providing granular monitoring features, highly functional connectivity management tools, visual analytics and detailed billing-usage records. Full eSIM management capability is included.

Roaming Services
Roaming Services

Providing global IoT connectivity, our technology provides a versatile range of connectivity options, ranging from low usage flat rate tariffs to high usage options for specific countries and regions. Regardless of the operator being used, all customer data traffic is transited via our resilient APN infrastructure, ensuring customers retain visibility & control of their entire connectivity.

in Cost, Performance, and Management
Cost Efficiency

Enterprise customers can benefit from lower bills due to aggregated pricing plans we offer due to the multi-provider volume-based pricing we secure.  Real-time reporting of data usage and cost overruns; and built-in resilience against component failures provides additional cost avoidance. Due to eSIM technology, devices are built once, deployed everywhere, and reused often leading to lower cost of device ownership.

Optimization-driven Performance 

With up to 40% increase in speed, reduced latency and jitter, TCP optimization technology designed into our network ensures data is transmitted to/from devices faster. Our packet loss mitigation technology operates at the protocol level, requiring no changes to software or device.

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