Scale your Enterprise IoT Deployment with Seamless Global Connectivity

Pelion Connectivity Management offers a simple solution to the complexity of the IoT connectivity:  one global roaming SIM, one global contract, and a fully managed service.

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The Three Pillars of a Successful Connectivity Management Solution

As IoT expands from pilot projects to widespread rollout, connectivity becomes increasingly important. Maintaining a reliable, secure connection is critical to realizing the value of IoT data that drives action.

Pelion Connectivity Management offers all the flexibility, simplicity and cost-efficiency required for an enterprise solution, and is underpinned by security, network resilience, service continuity and secure data transit.


Choice of network providers, wireless technologies and protocols:

  • Connectivity across standards, including LTE, 2G, 3G, 4G, CAT-M and NB-IoT
  • Global coverage with access to 600+ networks
  • Ability to connect any device and use any SIM form factor



Ease of deploying devices and operating at scale:

  • Out-of-the-box device connectivity with automatic authentication, provisioning and connection
  • Unified connectivity usage analytics and automated alerts
  • Ability to embed connectivity functions into business system with APIs

Cost Efficiency

Low total cost of ownership:

  • Single contract for global connectivity and competitive tariffs secured by Arm
  • No need to manage multiple connectivity systems or multiple supplier relationships
  • Future-proofed deployment with ability to change eSIM profile


Connectivity Management Use Cases

IoT is already having a significant impact across many markets, and Pelion Connectivity Management is helping drive dramatic advances in the following: 

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Pelion Connectivity Management is being used to support many industries with game-changing results:

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