Automate Your Way to IoT at Scale

It’s impossible to manually manage every connection when your IoT deployment spans thousands of devices, multiple countries and different mobile networks. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year the Automation Engine intelligently manages your entire device deployment.  Automate your way to IoT at scale with Pelion Connectivity Management 2.0.

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Features and Benefits
Reduce Complexity

Set and forget management of millions of connections.

Real-Time Triggers

Automation triggered by what’s happening in the physical world.

Designed for IoT

Complete device freedom with eUICC automation.

No Upgrade Required

All users get automation features as standard.

Easy to Use

Flexible rules language build around common tasks, no specialists skills required.

Set and Forget Management

It's easy to deploy new devices and scale up projects when Pelion Connectivity Management automates the difficult and repetitive tasks for you. The automation engine monitors network traffic for automation triggers. If, for example, your data usage unexpectedly goes over the forecasted rate you could preset the automation engine to automatically bar that SIM, saving you from unexpected charges without you having to do a thing. 


Mobile Network Operators providing IoT services equally benefit from the automation engine. Manual provisioning and monitoring of enterprise clients’ devices can be eliminated, providing repeatable and reliable levels of customer service without the admin headache. 

Automation Triggered by Whats Happening in the Physical World

Triggers rules can be as simple or as complex as required, build up by logical AND/OR statements. Choose from a range of common triggers including data usage and time-based triggers to automatically action notifications, SIM status changes and tariff changes. APIs further extend the possibilities of automation into wider business processes.


So, for example, a rule can be set to trigger a bar SIM request if a subscriber's data usage goes over a set threshold, saving you from unexpected charges. Or if a device does not connect within a given time period, a rule can be set to notify you, catching a potential issue before it becomes a problem.

eUICC Deployment and Redeployment

Reprogrammable SIMs allow devices to switch network operator remotely as they move from one location to another. The major commercial benefit of eUICC is that the device is billed to the local network on the local rate, typically a lower rate than a roaming solution can offer. Automated geographical management means that no matter where in the world the device ends up, the data can be billed locally.

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Pelion Connectivity Management provides device connectivity across standards including 3G, 4G and LPWAN, and a platform that manages the entire connection lifecycle. Connect anything, anywhere, across trusted networks. 

MNO Enablement

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Take Your Share of 1 Trillion Forecasted Connections

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