High Performance, Non-proprietary eSIM OS

Kigen OS is a low footprint software stack that enables full integration of eSIM functionality into chip or SoC designs, both for consumer and M2M applications. Built from the ground up and specifically for IoT applications, it is tuned to the key real-world needs of our customers to provide practical reliability and high performance. It is ultra secure and compliant with the GSMA, 3GPP, JavaCard, SIMAlliance and ETSI specifications.

>1B SIMs Enabled

Over 1 billion SIMs enabled by Kigen OS.

50% of Regional Vendors

50% of SIM vendors use Kigen OS.

#4 in SIM Cards (By Volume)

One of the top OS to enable SIMs.

All  Form Factors Supported

From SIM to MFF2, WLCSP and iSIM.

Features and Benefits

Designed to meet the industry required Common Criteria certification, Kigen OS offers the highest level of logical security when employed on any SIM form factor, including a security enclave.

Hardware and Grade Agnostic

Ports to multiple hardware form factors (removable, WLCSP, eSIM and iSIM) and supports multiple industries (industrial, automotive, consumer, healthcare).

Seamless Integration

Interoperable with a broad range of GSMA-compliant IoT platforms and various leading network profiles.

Low Footprint OS

Optimized for code compactness and implementation flexibility.

Wide Network Support

Supports 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE, LTE Cat 1, LTE-M, NB-IoT and 5G.


An eUICC OS adds eUICC functionality to a chip, to enable remote SIM provisioning of a cellular device. This means that switching settings or changing carriers on this device can be done remotely, eliminating the need to change the physical SIM. Using an OS that does not support eUICCs will result in a device that is tethered to a single network with a subscription plan that cannot be changed.

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