iSIM (Integrated SIM) Goes Further

The integrated SIM, or iSIM, moves SIM functionality from a separate chip into a secure enclave on a main system-on-chip (SoC). iSIM makes it cheaper for chipset and device makers to integrate cellular connectivity into IoT designs whilst offering all the advantages of eSIM: small size, support of remote SIM provisioning and the industry recognised level of protection of subscription credentials. Also, the additional authentication layer can offer root-of-trust for secure capabilities such as payment, identity and critical infrastructure applications.

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Smaller Size

iSIM is significantly smaller than eSIM, reducing the circuit board footprint and releasing more valuable device space.

Lower Cost

Fewer components and simplified PCB design help reduce manufacturing and logistical costs. This can result in huge savings for large IoT deployments.

More Power Efficiency

iSIM can lower the dynamic and static power of the solution compared to multi-chip designs.

What Is Needed to Build a Secure SoC with iSIM?

Building a secure SoC with iSIM requires a processor, a modem and a security subsystem (security enclave) hosting a SIM OS which delivers onboard SIM functionality.


Arm offers the full hardware and software solution to build iSIM in fastest time-to-market. This includes a vast range of processor IP, Kigen OS and Kigen RSP services.

Can iSIM Support Remote SIM Provisioning?

Absolutely. We recognize that for IoT to scale, it must have cost-effective ways to manage connectivity remotely.


That’s why our iSIM is flexible enough to support either the single profile or remote SIM provisioning mechanisms, with the latter enabling out-of-box connectivity, secure and remote profile management; even for the tiniest of IoT devices.

Is iSIM Secure?

Yes, from both a physical and logical perspective. Just like eSIMs, iSIMs can’t be easily accessed, helping to reduce the risk of theft and tampering.


iSIM can offer the same level of protection of the network credentials as a certified eSIM. Chip-level security is reinforced by a security enclave. Also, iSIM SIM OS functionality is fully compliant with GSMA RSP as well as the ETSI SIM specifications.

What Is Security Enclave?

Security enclave is a subsystem with a processing element (CPU) to handle security-related workloads, for example running the Kigen SIM OS, and provide an extra layer of protection at the hardware level.


The security enclave is fully partitioned from the rest of the SoC and offers self-contained encryption elements for the CPU.

Unlocking the CellularPotential for ChipsetMakers

Many of the trillion IoT devices, expected by 2021, will be based on
cellular technology. Discover how iSIM can help chipset makers spur
a new wave of innovation and take advantage of the IoT growth.

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Track any Asset Globally with iSIM-enabled Smart Label

The iSIM technology, in combination with connectivity management, allows to easily add seamless, out-of-the-box cellular connectivity to any item, however small it is, to enable real-time global asset tracking, get complete view of the supply chain and assure quality and traceability of products. These capabilities of iSIM were demonstrated by the joint project between Arm, Vodafone, Altair Semiconductor and Murata which created an iSIM-enabled smart label for the pharmaceutical and life sciences company Bayer.

Find out how iSIM technology is enabling new business models, better customer service and increased productivity in consumer electronics, healthcare and utilities market.

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