Providing Secure Identity for IoT Devices

Arm Kigen provides a portfolio of Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) solutions built on the latest cellular standards and specifications. The SIM solutions are applicable to 2G/3G/4G networks, as well as IoT-focussed networks such as NB-IoT/LTE-M and future 5G networks.


The latest products in the Arm Kigen family are compliant with GSMA eUICC specifications (SGP.01, SGP.02, SGP.21, SGP.22) and deliver SIM-grade security for cellular IoT. Arm Kigen provides integrated SIM OS for IoT SoC designs, and a flexible remote provisioning server solution for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and IoT platform providers.


Arm Kigen enables secure identity for devices which is one of the critical principles of Platform Security Architecture (PSA) from Arm, the first common industry framework for building secure connected devices.

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Arm Kigen OS

Arm Kigen OS is a hardware-agonostic, low footprint software stack to enable full integration of SIM functionality into IoT SoC designs.

  • Secure, GSMA-compliant embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card (eUICC) SIM OS stack
  • Optimized for code compactness and implementation flexibility
  • Can be ported to multiple hardware form factors, such as traditional Mini, Micro and Nano SIMs, embedded SIMs (MFF2) and integrated SIM (iSIM with OS running on secure enclave hardware, such as Arm CryptoIsland.

Arm Kigen Server Solutions

Arm Kigen remote provisioning server solutions offer flexibility with a modular design for easy integration with MNOs and IoT platform providers.

  • GSMA-compliant remote SIM provisioning implementation
  • Designed for easy integration, flexibility and scalability
  • Over-the-air solution (OTA)
  • Remote SIM provisioning (RSP)
  • Rest/soap APIs for easy integration and optional intuitive graphical user interface
Unlocking Cellular IoT

To bring SIM technology to IoT in a more flexible, scalable and cost-effective form, Arm Kigen implements the GSMA M2M eUICC specification. In combination with an on-chip security enclave (such as Arm CryptoIsland) for enhanced hardware security, this allows the integration of an MCU, cellular modem and SIM identity into a single IoT SoC to significantly reduce device costs.

Industry-Wide Impact

Over 4.4 billion cellular devices will be connected by 2025 (Machina, 2017) making cellular connectivity key for IoT devices. Being global, scalable and secure, it is a technology of choice for many IoT applications such as agriculture, smart energy or asset tracking. The Arm Kigen family of technology will open up the commercial opportunity of cellular IoT connectivity across the value chain.

Industry-Wide Impact

Today’s enterprises require a large number of connected devices yet have limited post-deployment flexibility due to need for physical access to devices.

SIMs that can be remotely provisioned overcome these pain points. New form factors for the SIM can also save memory/space and reduce cost of devices.

Why Arm Kigen
Arm Kigen OS can be used with eSIMs or iSIMs to build low power and low cost devices that can last longer in the field.

Enterprises can use the Arm Kigen server solutions to manage the connectivity of these devices and easily upgrade service plans.

Not only do enterprises get in-field flexibility and longer lifespan of deployment, they also benefit from new lower cost devices.


Operators are eager to onboard cellular IoT devices to their networks, but scaled out deployments remain limited.

Price competitive secure/trusted IoT devices that can be easily added to Operator networks.

Why Arm Kigen
Arm Kigen OS significantly brings down the costs associated with current SIM card solutions from device cost to logistics.

With the Arm Kigen remote provisioning solutions, Operators can securely onboard (provision profiles on) multiple devices from multiple providers without compromising the security and integrity of their networks.

OEM/Module Makers

Currently OEMs and module makers have to build multiple SKUs for different regions in the world and are limited to areas where they have pre-existing Operator relationships.

OEMs/module makers can build devices with single SKUs that can be shipped anywhere in the world with devices capable of being provisioned locally.

Why Arm Kigen
Arm Kigen OS-based iSIMs give OEMs flexibility to build devices with single SKUs that can be provisioned remotely using the Arm Kigen server solutions.

Standards and Specifications

Arm Kigen SIM solutions are developed on the latest cellular 3GPP, SIMalliance, GlobalPlatform and GSMA standards and specifications.