Breaking Down Barriers with Mbed IoT Device Platform

Adopt and deploy IoT solutions faster with a fully integrated IoT device management solution. The Arm Mbed IoT Device Platform streamlines device development, simplifies IoT implementation, and provides peace of mind with a holistic solution that encompasses the operating system, development tools, device management services, and an extensive partner ecosystem. We break down the barriers so businesses can truly realize the transformative potential of IoT.

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Mbed Cloud

Mbed Cloud device management solution provides flexible, secure, and efficient IoT management capabilities for a range of device profiles, and can be deployed as a cloud solution, as an on premises solution with cloud-like capabilities without dependency to any public cloud, or as a hybrid solution.

Mbed Cloud supports a wide range of IoT devices—from single-function temperature sensors to feature-rich robotics. Both IP-based and legacy devices can be connected through the Mbed edge gateway, and remotely managed throughout the device lifecycle.

Mbed Cloud forms a solid foundation for accelerated IoT deployment, allowing businesses to capture, keep and utilize IoT data with peace of mind, and in ways that drive optimal operational efficiency.

Mbed OS

With Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) at its core, Mbed OS is a software platform with tools and features designed specifically for IoT devices.

Mbed OS brings together all the features required for developing connected, intelligent products, including security, connectivity, and drivers for sensors and I/O devices.

We also offer a series of production-ready, Mbed-enabled IoT modules. These modules deliver verified performance and connectivity.

Mbed OS significantly reduces the time and effort required for IoT device development, allowing device developers to focus on the end-user applications and customer experience.

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