Delivering IoT eSIM Orchestration and Connectivity Management

Arm’s connectivity solution lowers the total cost of ownership for deploying and managing connected devices by providing a ‘build once deploy anywhere’ capability through flexible, cost-effective access to global networks.


IoT-X is our leading embedded Subscriber Identification Module (eSIM) and connectivity orchestration platform, available for connectivity service providers, Mobile Network Operators and Enterprise clients. GSMA compliant, agile, future-proofed and fully scalable, IoT-X handles all processes throughout the eSIM lifecycle and includes the infrastructure for complete control over data transit and orchestration of the required eSIM ecosystem including integrated SIM (iSIM running on secure enclave hardware, such as Arm CryptoIsland).

IoT Connectivity

Arm’s IoT connectivity solution enables enterprise customers with a robust end-to-end IoT platform for managing, connecting, provisioning and updating devices that is easily scalable and flexible.

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