The Fast, Affordable, Low-Risk Path to Silicon Prototypes

If you’re an early-stage silicon startup with limited funding, Arm Flexible Access for Startups provides no-cost access to IP, tools and training, and is backed with support from Arm and the Arm ecosystem. With Arm Flexible Access, startups building products across all markets have the best chance of success with less risk, lower cost, and faster time to market than ever before.

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Program Benefits for Early Stage Startups 

$0 easy access to the world’s leading SoC design portfolio 
$0 license fee for the production of prototypes 
$0 cost tools, training, and support to enhance your team


Download the product sheet to learn more about the program and see a full list of included IP, tools, and training. If there is an Arm product that isn’t listed in the datasheet that you would like to access, contact our team here.

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Why Arm Is the Right Partner for Silicon Startups

Control Burn Rate

Control Burn Rate

Arm gives early stage startups a rapid and cost-efficient route to prototype silicon and help secure the next round of funding. Developing with Arm can reduce total development costs by 52 percent*.

Move Fast and Manage Risk

Move Fast and Manage Risk

Make Arm IP the heart of your SoC design and shave over 6 months off the development process*. Reduce risk of respins and give investors confidence by building with the world's most trusted IP portfolio.


Leverage Our Ecosystem

With 200 billion Arm-based chips, shipped by more than 500 licensees, a whole ecosystem has evolved to support every step of the journey from concept through to foundry.

*From studies performed by Arm and industry analysts, 2019, based on medium complexity SoC at 28nm node

What Startup Partners Are Saying

Krishna Rangasaayee

CEO and Founder, Sima

“As a startup, we are deriving the benefit of the same level of commitment and support to our near and long term success as a large public company”


Sima Logo

Avi Baum

Co-founder and Chief Technologist, Hailo

“Our technology needs to work first time and the technology contributed by the ecosystem has to be just as trustworthy”


Hailo Logo

Sam Fok

Co-founder and CEO, Femtosense

"It's an exciting journey in which a small group of grad students takes a spark of innovation from research and kindles it into a technology that they hope will transform the world."


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Semiconductor Startup Market Review

A new wave of silicon startups is seeing opportunity to innovate in the fast growth and the diversification of the semiconductor industry, particularly in areas like artificial intelligence, autonomous automobiles and the internet of things Success depends on the fastest, lowest cost and lowest risk journey to working prototypes to win investor confidence and secure the next round of funding. This specially commissioned report shows the state of the start-up landscape and offers important insights into taking business to the next level.

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