HPC Tools for Industries that Require High(er) Performance Computing

Large scale numerical and data-driven computing provides competitive benefits to industry and breakthroughs in science. Supercomputers, clusters and cloud services perform these computations in ever wider and larger deployments. Arm helps to create powerful development and performance analysis tools that enable developers and users of software in high performance computing to create and deploy applications that achieve the most efficient use of their systems. 

Government Research and National Labs

Research consistently shows 50% of programming time is spent debugging. Using the best debugger frees up scientists’ time to be more creative and productive. The Arm debugger tool is transforming scientific software processes and enabling scientists to make breakthroughs for engineering, physical and earth sciences, chemistry and biology.

Argonne National Laboratory

Life Science

Arm tools help life science researchers and developers to accelerate the performance of their code and to spend less time struggling with bugs, while system owners achieve higher throughput from their technology. Analyzing core issues within the application software such as I/O and threads and processor usage means no ounce of performance is left behind.

Medical University of Graz
Earlham Institute


By analyzing issues that slow simulations, Arm tools help improve the throughput of computer aided engineering software on supercomputers and clusters. Specifically tailored to parallel and high performance code, the tools help ISVs, open source developers, and in-house code teams increase the throughput, reliability, and scalability of their software.

BAE Systems

Oil and Gas

The upstream oil and gas industry relies on high performance computing software. Arm tools enable developers to accelerate their software by using more processors concurrently and using existing processors more efficiently.

Tullow Oil

Weather and Climate

Weather forecasting requires some of the world’s most powerful supercomputers. Arm technology helps improve the pace and precision of forecasting. Arm provides the weather community with development tools that can handle the size of today’s weather systems. They integrate cleanly with the complex workflows of scientists and can handle the massive codebases of both legacy and new software.

Met Office


Exploiting large scale computing is a demanding challenge, it requires software that runs fast, and runs right. Arm works with a number of academic institutes using Arm tools to deliver rapid return on investment by helping to transform throughput.