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Analyze code performance issues on multiple server and HPC architectures, from the latest compilers and C++ 11 standards to Intel, 64-bit Arm, AMD, OpenPOWER and Nvidia GPU. Performance Reports quickly highlights potential areas for software improvement, showing for example: time spent in various types of instructions, thread computation and sychronization, average memory usage per node, IO performance, MPI communication and energy consumption.

Features and Benefits
Faster Instruction Execution

Easily identify the time spent in various types of instructions: memory access, numeric operations, floating point operations.

Reduced I/O Bottlenecks

Quickly determine the time and effective performance (transfer rate) of read and write operations to storage.

Improved Thread Computation

See the time spent in computation and synchronization, the physical core utilization, and system load.

More Features
Faster Message Passing

Get accurate insight into MPI time and performance for collective and point-to-point operations.

Improved Power Efficiency

Gain valuable understanding of energy usage and peak power — for system, CPU, and any NVIDIA GPUs to work more efficiently.

More Efficient Acceleration

Visualise exact utilization and memory use of NVIDIA GPUs.

Better Memory Usage

At a glance, spot mean memory utilization per node for enabling better memory usage.

Case Studies
Software Development

The upstream oil and gas industry relies on high performance computing software. Arm tools enable developers to accelerate their software by using more processors concurrently and using existing processors more efficiently.

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