Optimized Math Libraries for Best Serial and Parallel Performance
Increase Application Performance and Reduce Development Time Using Optimized Math Libraries
  • Get the best performance on any 64-bit Arm hardware used for scientific computing and HPC 
  • Rely on accurate results as our libraries are validated with the NAG test suite 
  • Get continuous performance improvements with frequent releases  
  • Get support from Arm engineers
  • Commercial 64-bit Arm Math Libraries with optimized BLAS, LAPACK and FFT
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What are Arm Performance Libraries

Arm Performance Libraries are a commercial math library that meets the needs of scientific computing and HPC community on Arm Architecture. 

Arm Performance Libraries Support
  • BLAS and LAPACK  
  • FFT with FFTW compatible API
  • Available for GCC and Arm Compiler
  • 64-bit Arm platforms including Cavium ThunderX2 and Qualcomm Centriq.
  • Leading Linux distributions including Red Hat 7.3+, SLES 12+ and Ubuntu 16.04+

Evaluate Arm Tools for Free

Get free access to Arm Forge (including the DDT debugger and MAP profiler), Arm Performance Reports and the Arm Allinea Studio (built for best performance on Arm platforms). Take advantage of the following:

  • One week trial with free support
  • Scalable profiling for instructions, memory access, I/O, communication, multi-process and multi-threaded code
  • Scalable debugging with uniquely capable C++, C, Fortran and F90 debugging
  • Powerful reports for analyzing application performance at scale
  • Arm hardware-optimized commercial compiler and performance libraries
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Learn how Arm Performance Libraries can provide optimized standard core math libraries for high-performance computing applications on Arm processors

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Arm Performance Libraries Resources

Find resources that describe how to develop, deploy and optimize enterprise and scientific HPC (High Performance Computing) applications, including:

  • Request HPC tools support
  • Supported platforms
  • User guides
  • Tutorials
  • Release history


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