Get Best Performance from Your Fortran Application on Arm in Minimal Time

  • Get the best performance on any 64-bit Arm hardware used for scientific computing and HPC
  • Interoperable with Arm Forge and Arm Performance Libraries
  • Get support and advice from Arm engineers during porting and tuning
  • Get ready for future Arm hardware with the SVE extension, highly suited for HPC
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The availability of a Fortran compiler, designed specifically for the Armv8-A architecture, addresses a core requirement for the HPC software development community. This release highlights the commitment from Arm in supporting users in running scientific applications successfully from end to end, taking account of their current and future application needs. Cavium has partnered closely with Arm for support on Cavium’s ThunderX2 product family and congratulates Arm on this key HPC product milestone.
Larry Wikelius, Vice President of the Software Ecosystem and Solutions Group, Cavium, Inc. Launch of Beta Arm Fortran Compiler in June, 2017

What is Arm Fortran Compiler

Tuned for scientific computing by Arm for a wide-range for 64-bit Arm platforms

We work with many Arm hardware vendors to ensure that Arm Fortran compiler generates optimal code utilizing the salient features of the hardware, allowing you to get best performance out-of-the-box.

Support for latest Fortran standards

Arm Fortran Compiler provides full support for Fortran 2003 and prior standards. It also has partial support for Fortran 2008 with a plan to add more support in the future.

Built on top of LLVM and Flang

Our commercial compiler is based on two community-driven projects – LLVM for overall compiler infrastructure and Flang for Fortran frontend. This allows our users to benefit from advances from these projects in addition to specific tuning by Arm for our architecture.

Arm Fortran Compiler supports:

  • Fortran 2003 and prior standards
  • Partial support for Fortran 2008
  • OpenMP 3.1
  • 64-bit Arm platforms including Cavium ThunderX2 and Qualcomm Centriq.
  • Full support for SVE, an Arm architecture extension suited for HPC
  • Leading Linux distributions including Red Hat 7.3+, SLES 12+ and Ubuntu 16.04+

Arm Fortran Compiler of Choice for HPC codes on Armv8-A

Commercial Fortran Compiler from Arm tuned for scientific computing and High-Performance Computing (HPC) workloads running on 64-bit Arm based platforms.

Evaluate Arm Tools for Free

Get free access to Arm Forge (including the DDT debugger and MAP profiler), Arm Performance Reports and the Arm Allinea Studio (built for best performance on Arm platforms). Take advantage of the following:

  • One week trial with free support
  • Scalable profiling for instructions, memory access, I/O, communication, multi-process and multi-threaded code
  • Scalable debugging with uniquely capable C++, C, Fortran and F90 debugging
  • Powerful reports for analyzing application performance at scale
  • Arm hardware-optimized commercial compiler and performance libraries
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