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Mobile app performance is a key design criteria when developing console/PC quality games for mobile as users expect a consistently high frame rate with no lag. Testing across a full range of high to low-end Android devices is therefore a must for maximizing both the player experience and game monetization. Arm Mobile Studio offers free mobile app development tools for manual analysis of app performance across mobile devices and a Professional Edition for importing that data directly into a continuous integration workflow. For efficient monitoring, Arm Mobile Studio includes:

  • Performance Advisor - Intuitive summary reports pinpoint problem areas and cut down profiling time
  • Streamline - For deeper analysis of GPU and 32 and 64 bit CPU counters, profile your game to find bottlenecks and optimize code
  • Graphics Analyzer - Analyze OpenGL ES and Vulkan API calls to determine exactly where rendering defects occur
  • Mali Offline Compiler - Investigate shader kernels to understand performance on Mali GPUs

Features and Benefits

Insights for the Entire Team

Kick-off your creation with your performance budget in mind and make sure it stays on track over time. Empower your entire development team with easy-to-interpret reports and timely performance insights for making effective content adjustments as they go.

Fast Reveal of Expensive Graphics

Identify bottlenecks and pinpoint the exact location of your most expensive graphics, in standalone applications or in the leading game engines. Graphics application software code issues are quickly laid bare thanks to the broadest spectrum of performance data, covering everything from CPU to GPU, draw calls and more.

Longer Play on More Devices

Your game runs efficiently on a high-end Android device, but how do you eliminate the risk of lag or overheating on another? Arm Mobile Studio lets you use off-the-shelf devices to determine game performance and shows where profiling would facilitate longer play and a more immersive experience.


Profile and debug your game on a non-rooted Android device with Arm Mobile Studio tools.
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Which Edition for Your Team?

Arm Mobile Studio Starter Edition is free to download and gives access to all the available tools and profiling advice for off-the-shelf mobile Android devices. The Professional (Pro) Edition is a license-based option for customers requiring fully automated monitoring across many devices. It allows users to capture data inside an existing Continuous Integration System, ensuring app development and performance is always on target and bringing additional support from Arm experts. Request Arm Mobile Studio Professional trial today.

Android Graphics Optimization Training

This is Mali GPU training series for game developers that covers the latest techniques for optimizing mobile game performance.

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Use Cases

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Analyzing the Performance of Unity Games

Streamline Performance Analyzer in Arm Mobile Studio provides a deep level of performance insight for Unity applications running on Arm-based Android devices. You can trace the impact of your code on both GPU and CPU performance to decide where to tune and how to reduce the impact of expensive assets. Use alongside Arm Graphics Analyzer for a whole system view of game performance.

Identifying Code Bottlenecks and FPS Changes

Arm Performance Advisor helps identify code bottlenecks during Android game development. Monitor FPS changes over time and see how the device handles CPU, fragment and vertex workloads. Investigate performance changes with knowledge of how the GPU is utilized and numbers of draw calls, primitives and pixels per frame in your content.

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Arm DevSummit is the online tech event for individuals and organizations developing and deploying solutions on Arm. Join the global Arm developer community to get the insights and edge you need to optimize the performance, scalability, and speed of your work. All online at no cost.

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