Faster Trace Fewer Pins

Ideal for collecting large amounts of trace data or where SoC termination count rules out parallel trace, the High Speed Serial Trace Probe (HSTTP) captures multiple lanes of high speed serial trace into DSTREAM.

Features and Benefits
Fast Data Transfer

Up to 12.5 Gbps single-lane line rate (20 Gbps combined lane rate) to configure and capture detailed trace information from CoreSight and custom IP devices.

Fewer Trace Pins

On a single lane – 2 pins - HSSTP can transport trace data rates comparable to a 16-pin parallel trace port. 

Multi-protocol Support

Support for the two most popular serial trace protocols on Arm SoCs: Arm HSSTP and Marvell® SETM.

More Features
Broad Arm Architecture Support

HSSTP supports the same breadth of Arm architectures, v4 to v8, as DSTREAM. So whether it's legacy or the very latest, HSSTP has it covered.

Built for Arm Tools

DSTREAM and Arm Development Studio were made for each other. Access powerful Development Studio features, like the ability to auto-detect SoC components.

Rich Debug Capabilities

Add device specific registers, view instruction and data trace history, customize connections for device-specific registers, bring targets out of reset, and much more.

Deep trace buffer

Paired with DSTREAM’s 4 GB on-board trace buffer enables storage of trace data for long periods.

CoreSight Trace Macrocells

From ETM to PTM, ITM to STM, capture trace data from the various Arm CoreSight Macrocells supported by DS-5.

Use Cases
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